Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Carols for cadets (2)

Well the Carol Service for the Army Cadet Force went pretty well last night.Loads of young people who seemed a little reluctant to sing at first but got warmed up as it went on and when we got to the third carol they really seemed to get going. I found this a little strange as the third carol was 'The angel Gabriel from heaven came' and unfortunately the music the Vicar had got was a four part harmony arrangement over 3 pages with the melody moving around the parts. He taught them the carol a line at a time and then we went for the whole thing. He said at the end of it there is one thing he must get and I said a decent pianist - the kids thought this was quite funny but he said no a proper arrangement.
It was a good service with a solid reminder of what Christmas is really about and included a little humour which the youngsters seemed to appreciate and a story from America of how we got the fairy on the top of the Christmas tree - the youngsters liked this one.
By the last carol - Hark the Herald Angels Sing - they were in full flow and gave it some welly as we say in Walsall.
I hope to have some voice left by the weekend as I am preaching at Moxley on Sunday morning and then at Pleck on Christmas Day - perhaps I better not sing any more carols between now and then.

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DaveH said...

I am glad to hear it went well!

Have you noticed how kids are getting to the point where the traditional Christmas Carols are just not know? I remember at our Church production last year we wanted the kids to sing a carols between scenes, and more than half of them didn't know Carols such as little donkey and Hark the Herald! We rectified that, but it just goes to emphasise how little access to carols we have these days. Long gone are the days when they were played in shops and on radio stations, we are now blasted with Santa Baby and So this is Christmas.