Thursday, 18 October 2007

What is worship 2!!

I have been asked following last nights post if a 3 point sermon or a 5 hymn sandwich is on the list of points and you know what? I am not going to tell you - you will have to read this post and the next three to see what else is on there.
Here are the next 10 points and it might be worth saying that these are not listed in any particular order and there may be some things that appear more than once or are broadly similar but that is the nature of the type of exercise we did on Sunday.
On more thing to note is that in 9 years of attending this church I think we have only sung the Lord's Prayer about 6 times - hopefully this will put one of the comments into perspective.

Leaving church feeling happy
Worshipping the Lord with all your heart and soul
A challenge
looking both inward and outward
Child friendly
Open mindedness
Doing the best at whatever it is you are doing
Keeping relevant
Companionship and laughter
Singing the Lord's Prayer occasionally

No mention yet of hymn sandwich or 3 point sermon but who knows what may be on here tomorrow?


DaveW said...

"Leaving church feeling happy" interesting. Would like to consider this theologically at some point.

Fat Prophet said...

I think this is a bit like the old story that people going to church look like they are going to the dentist and when they come out they have been! Doesn't say much for the joy of the Lord.
I would be interested in you theological consideration and look forward to a future post on your blog on the topic.