Friday, 19 October 2007

Three of five!

Remind me of an episode of Star Trek where all the 'baddies' were a number of another number such as three of one or two of six. In case you are now confused here are the next set of point from our service on Sunday - just realised some of you may think I am making some sort of cryptic comment about sermons and hymns in the title of this post. Might tonight be the night for three point sermons and five hymn sandwiches? Here goes.....
Offering and tithing
Christ centred
Helping and praying for each other
People leading worship clear and concise
A good relationship between the congregation and the preacher
Active participation
getting involved
Sharing testimonies
Sharing your ideas with others

Watch for more tomorrow - still no 3 point sermon or hymn sandwich but I can say there will be mention of sermons and hymns in tomorrows ten points.
I was pleased to see preaching has made it on to the list particularly as there was no preaching element on Sunday - you never know the congregation might have said they liked not having any preaching now that really would have been an interesting result.

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