Sunday, 22 July 2007

Hymns, Songs and other things!

Funny thing following my last comments about the Methodist Recorder the church I took the service at this morning where they have the old blue and yellow mission praise one of the door stewards asked me why I never use them as they like to sing the occasional chorus. I had to explain I didn't have those copies and would possibly have difficulty working out numbers compared to the new book - may try it next time I am planned there.
Also had Charles Wesley in the congregation this morning, well the man who dressed as him on the front page of last weeks Recorder and we had a conversation about conference and how it is changing.
Went to a Wesleyan Reform Union church tonight to preach and ended up playing the organ as well - that was quite interesting as it is a really old pipe organ with the console right in the middle of the church at the front and its about 12 foot up from the floor. The volume pedal is strange and the pedal board is straight which caused me a few problems as I am used to a concave pedal board at my home church. The folks said they thought I had done rather well. Spoke about Martha and Mary and the importance of being like Mary and taking time to sit and listen to God just as she did.

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