Friday, 15 June 2007

Why 4?

Why does traffic grind to a halt when we have bad weather? Today the traffic in Walsall was awful even in places where there was no flooding - it just seems to me that a little bit of rain or even that dreadful white stuff causes utter chaos.
It's not just bad weather though because it seems sunny weather also brings out the worst in some drivers - what happened to good old fashioned manners and politeness? Perhaps it is like many others things and down to the state of society in general. I am writing a book about my childhood in Hill Top, West Bromwich in the sixties and when I sit and think about it what a better time it seems it was, but then almost all the kids in our street went to Sunday School and a lot of the parents went to church or chapel so perhaps that was part of the reason for things being better then.

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