Thursday, 14 June 2007

Why 3?

This why is my third but there may be more than one why in it. Why am I the only person in our church who reads the Methodist Recorder? I know you can't answer that unless you come to my church but it is an interesting question.
While on the topic of the Recorder why is it so boring and old fashioned - I am sure if I were able to get a copy from when I first came into a methodist church in the early 1980's it would look exactly the same. Compared to my local evening newspaper it is very poor, the layout is quite staid and to some degree every page looks the same i.e. 6 columns per page, why is it so expensive £1-10 for 24 pages this week- as I write this I wonder why I have the Recorder each week except to keep up with what is going on.
My local evening paper is just 35p and tonight has 64 pages much better value I think.


DaveW said...

I think you answer the first why of this post in the rest of the text. You are the only one reading it as it is expensive and boring.

Sadly it is now a considered a formal means of communication to Ministers so some things we will only be told through the recorder.

Methodist Preacher said...

But we now have the internet. My sitemeter readings are gradually building up, from all over the country. Given time the internet in some form or other will overtake the Recorder. The handful of sites that exist now will expand and one or two leading blogs will emerge - that seems to be happening in the political sector. Of course the REcorder may take the great leap forward and embrance in house communications - but somehoe I don't think it well. Just take a look at their website, even that looks dated.

Methodist Preacher said...

sorry one or two literals above

Janet Heaven said...

As for the 'who takes the Methodist Recorder', I think we should have a little competition: at the mo it is Bentley in the lead, so Bentley 2 Pleck 1.

Methodist Worship Leader said...

The Methodist Recorder proclaims itself as "The world's leading Methodist newspaper"....if it's the leading one, what on earth are the others like? It feels about 40 years behind the times (maybe this just reflects the age distribution of Methodist Church members?), although when I do get a chance to look at a copy, the letters page sometimes makes interesting reading.
The 'Recorder's web site is similarly basic in the extreme.

Anonymous said...

It's very easy to knock things in this cynical world but my colleagues and I work very hard to fulfil our calling in connecting the connexion. We sell enough copies to keep the good Methodist people informed in what's happening in this glorious church. Only last week, we increased the bulk supply to Holby-City-By-The-Sea MHA Home from 2 to 3. Westbury Home regularly takes 4 copies. They obviously think £1.10 a week is worth it. So stop letting the side down and start supporting the universe's leading Methodist newspaper.