Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Great Preacher

I am hoping the title of this post might attract some attention in the same way that the person it talks about caught my attention
I was flicking channels on TV the other night and came across a shopping channel featuring a juicer type thing and decided to watch for a couple of minutes as I have been thinking about increasing fruit and veg intake.

I ended up watching almost an hour because the second person in the presentation was to coin his own words ‘evangelical’ about this particular product. He said he had bought one at Christmas and stared using it in the New Year and had used it every day since – he said he was feeling the benefits in lots of ways and there had been some weight loss which he thought was due his change in diet.

He was so excited about the product and I could see where the evangelical comment had come from as he talked with a high degree of zeal and fervour about this marvellous product, and it got me thinking.

I thought to myself is this what is missing in much of the preaching in our churches – we don’t always seem to grasp what a marvellous product (I know you might not like that description but it works for this) we have – the Son of God, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and yet much of the preaching I hear is so lack lustre and almost apologetic.

I am keenly aware that my fiercest critic is my wife and I am thankful for that because I think she helps to keep me sharp in my preaching but I am also grateful that like the guy selling the juicer I firmly believe in the product I am encouraging people to try in the same way he believed in the juicer.

I think that all too often we are very wishy washy in our faith and our preaching and are frightened of offending someone – it didn't seem to bother Jesus!



I always go by 2 questions; did I challenge them and did I encourage them? If the answer to both is no, or even one is no, then I have failed to get God's message across to the assembled flock present that day.

My wife told me the other week after coming out of church that the one I had just done was the best she had ever heard me preach. Like you, she is my critic and I value her input. We usually mark each other out of ten.

But I also agree with your thoughts on modern preaching; it is nowhere near as challenging as it should be. It has lost its edge because of the lunatic PC brigade and should do as the hymn writer says, to stand up for Jesus in this age of change and doubt.

Who will be the ones to challenge the church? Well, there is myself and there is you, so may God bless us and all who preach the good news, so that we can once again claim the fish for the kingdom.

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