Friday, 9 December 2011

Christmas is coming!

It can not have escaped anyone’s notice that Christmas is coming, I have already been involved in my first carol evening and tonight I will be attending a Christmas party at the Crystal Folk Club which will then sadly close until the new year.

Readers might be interested in two events that are taking place in the Walsall Circuit the first one being the Circuit Carol Service which is taking place this Sunday the 11th at Darlaston Methodist Church, Slater Street, Darlaston with the theme ‘Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Future’. The service starts at 6-00p.m. – come early to get a good seat.

The second event is Carol Praise on Wednesday 14th December at Pleck Methodist Church, Bescot Road, Walsall beginning at 7-30p.m. and it has become an annual event. This was originally stared as an alternative carol event for those who wanted something a little different to the traditional carol service and has proved to be quite popular over the last few years.

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Anonymous said...

Our Carol Service is on Wednesday, 14th December at 8 pm at St Peter & St Paul's Anglican Church, Milton, New South Wales, Australia! It's a small church with beautiful windows. The pews are a bit uncomfortable - they are very narrow. However, the singing will be wonderful and so we'll forget about the discomfort. Happy carolling, FP.