Sunday, 3 July 2011

Hymn for today

Here  is this week’s offering from the pen of Fanny J Crosby. As usual the tune can be heard at Cyberhymnal


We’ll give our hearts to Jesus,
And learn His Name to praise,
The blessèd Bible tells us,
How pleasant are His ways.
We’ll give our hearts to Jesus,
In sunny childhood’s hours,
Where life is like the springtime
And full of buds and flowers.


And when we safely anchor
On Canaan’s happy shore,
To Him be all the glory,
And praise forever more.

We’ll give our hearts to Jesus,
Our best and dearest Friend,
He like a gentle shepherd,
Will guide us to the end.
In green and fragrant pastures,
His little flock will lead,
Beside the quiet waters,
Supplying all we need.


We’ll give our hearts to Jesus,
Who died that we might live,
Our hearts, though weak and sinful,
Are all we have to give.
The simple prayer of childhood,
Our God will ne’er despise,
A lowly contrite spirit
Is precious in His eyes.


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