Saturday, 30 July 2011

CRB checks for Local Preachers

I have just posted about this on the Faith and Worship facebook page.
Persons seeking a note to preach will now require a CRB check and those people on trial will need a CRB check before they can be come fully accredited - the details are copied below from the frequently asked questions page on the Methodist Church Website. Go to Local Preachers and then FAQ’s.

Do I need a CRB check to become come a local preacher?
It is expected that both during training and once accredited that new local preachers will be
engaged in church services which are for children or include children and adults who may be
It is therefore required that:
• Local preachers should obtain a CRB disclosure prior to going on trial.
• For those local preachers currently on trial, a CRB disclosure should be obtained before
their accreditation can be completed.
Existing local preachers need to be CRB checked where they have developed a significant ministry
of preaching or teaching with children, young people or adults who may be vulnerable.
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Kobina A Otabil said...

Any idea how long it could take for the CRB process to be completed?

Hope people would not finish the course and then have to wait for ages for their CRB certificate before receiving their accreditation.

Fat Prophet said...

Part of the reason I have flagged this up is to inform people that this is happening - It may be one of those things that LP secretaries have not picked up on. I am fairly sure that the information I had earlier in the year only said people coming on note so I felt it needed to be made clear.

Robert said...

This is going too far. If the preacher is 'in contact' with kids in the congregation, so is everyone else in church. So will we need a CRB to get in the door next?

What's the definition of 'in contact' anyway?

Fat Prophet said...

I did predict a couple of years ago that we would soon need a CRB check before we could come to church.
I have posted at some length about this issue on my facebook page and will copy my comments across to here.
I think your questions is a very good one and in some senses laughable as it is very rare I see children in our churches and if/when I do I am never alone with them as it is always in the context of a worship service.