Friday, 17 June 2011

Off to HQ

Tomorrow I am off to London to Church House for a connexional assessors meeting which I think should be quite interesting. I have often wondered what other assessors are like and this will give me an opportunity to meet some of them.
We have been sent some suggestions of things we might cover during the day and I think I may return with a headache as some of them look a little on the heavy side.
May say more after the trip so watch this space.


Richard Hall said...

Will you be talking about the possibility of changes to the training scheme? I think, fwiw, that change is overdue.

Lizpreach said...

Hope you had a good and useful time Ian. Have you seen the new website for local preachers I think it could be really useful.

Fat Prophet said...

I had a thoroughly enjoyable day in London and spent time with some great folks.
I haven't seen the site but will check it out thanks Liz