Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Expecting a parcel

As it says above I am expecting a parcel today with a number of people's assignments for the Faith and Worship course.
Please pray for those who have submitted work for marking as they have to wait until the end of May to hear how they have done and please pray for those of us marking the work.


Richard Hall said...

If you get anything from the 2 On Trials I've been working with, I'm sure you'll do the right thing!

Fat Prophet said...

Parcel has arrived with ten peoples work in but none from Wrexham.
Mainly from London and South East except one which is from the North East.
Just about to have a quick look through the stuff to get a feel for what is in there.

PamBG said...

Praying for the proclamation of the Gospel and for all to filfill whatever vocation and calling God has given to them.