Sunday, 6 February 2011

Local Authors

I am always interested in writers of local history and came across a book by Brian Stringer from Walsall Wood called 'The Clayhanger Kid' which he had self published. If you can get a copy of this book it is well worth a read and while it is set earlier than my book I can relate to many of the things he talks about.
I have just read that he had a book signing in a library yesterday which was very well attended and enjoyed by many.
I do still have a few copies of my book available if any readers are interested - the book is called 'A bang or a Whimper' and is available from me directly for the princely sum of £10 which includes post and packing.
I recently sent one to an old school chum up in Northumberland and he emailed me to say that it was the best tenner he had spent in ages.


Methodist Preacher said...

You know FP I am envious of your book and one day intend to cover much the same material from my Hackney childhood.

Presumably "The clayhanger kid" has something to do with local bricks works or pottery industry?

Fat Prophet said...

Hi MP I can confirm that the clayhanger in the title is an area of Walsall in Walsall Wood and often referred to as Clanger.
The village as Brian refers to it consisted of just three streets and the story is about his childhood there and some of the characters he came across.
I am sure your book would be very interesting as it covers a very different part of the country.

brian stringer said...

brian said. Glad you have noticed my book. It is about Clayhanger village,with all its odd characters,my family, and childhood escapades. It also includes Brownhills schooldays and early mining career at Walsall Wood Colliery. All told with hilarious black country humour. One reader likened it to the James Herriot series. Praise indeed. First edition sold out in 7 weeks and by demand a reprint will be available in 2 weeks time.