Saturday, 19 February 2011

Been there, done it, bought some books!

Well I popped across to Quinton this morning to the book sale in aid of Engelsea Brook. I did pick up a few books at the sale and they were very reasonably priced.
I noticed some fascinating books for students of Methodism, lots of history of Methodism type stuff, quite a few hymnbooks including a Primitive and a Sunday School hymnbook as well as lots of general reading.
It might have been an added bonus if we could have got a drink but perhaps no one had thought of that.
I would have to say if you like books it is well worth a visit.

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Methodist Preacher said...

Good. Can you point out that the sale runs everyday this week until Saturday 10am to 5pm with late opening until 8pm on Thursday.

I was away on Saturday and I suspect you have bought up all the bargains!