Wednesday, 15 December 2010

If Jesus had been born in the Black Country

Here you go folks a little bit of the Jesus story told in the way it might have been had Jesus been born here in the Black Country.

God sent Gabriel ter the sitty o’ Nazreth tew a yung wummun nairmed Mary. Er wuz Elizabeth’s cuzzen. Wen Mary sid th’airnjul it mithered ‘er cus ‘er day know wor ‘e wuz doin theer.
Gabriel sed ‘Now doh be frit Mary. God aye arf blest yo. Yo’m gunna ave a babby an ‘is nairm is gunner be Jesus. E wo arf be a grate mon an e’ll be called the Son o God.
Mary’s ansud ‘Ah’m a sairvent o’ the Lord soo lerr evvrythin’ appen wo yo’ne sed.
Mary’s bloke wus nairmed Joseph, E wuz a carpinter and they wor very well off.
The emprer sed tharr all the Jews ad gorra goo ter the plairces we’er theeer Fairthers wuz boirn ter rite theer nairms dahn.
Mary an Joseph went ter Bethlem t’ ave theer nairms put dahn. Wen thay got ter Bethlem theer wore no room in th’inn so they went ter a stairble ter rest.
While they wuz theer the time come fer Mary ter ave the babby and they wrapped im up in swaddling cloths and laird im in the manger.

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