Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Christmas is coming.......

Christmas is coming,
and the shops are going mad
got to get a present for me
dear old Mom and Dad.

I am convinced that the world is going mad and that for shop and v=businesses there is a degree of Jingle all the way as their cash registers ching with the sound of money going into them.

We have just had a new Tesco store open in Walsall and very foolishly on Saturday I allowed my wife and daughter to persuade me to go and have a look at it - not a good move really as it was extremely busy and I was amazed at how much stuff people were buying - I suspect the shops will only be shut for one day and yet you would think people were stocking up for a siege.

At the risk of sounding like Scrooge I am tempted to say Bah Humbug to the whole thing - of course the only thing that stops me is that the story behind all the trimmings and turkey and tinsel has to be the most amazing story ever told, and of course the reality of knowing Jesus as Lord and Saviour gives the whole thing an added dimension that is sadly missing for many of the folk I saw in Tesco on Saturday.

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