Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Normal service will be resumed shortly.

Well I hope it will! I am now nearing the end of my marking so may have a little more time to do the odd blog although of course we have the really busy time of Advent and Christmas coming up so that will no doubt take up some time.

I know I have said normal service will be resumed but I am not quite sure what that normal service is or should be - this blog seemed like a really good idea when I started it and there have been some interesting moments on here but I am wondering if it is time for a rethink and perhaps even a new direction for the blog.

I intend to give the matter some thought and while in the past I have made some cosmetic changes I just wonder if it is time to make some deeper changes.

I will share my thoughts here and hope there may be some feedback - it might be that what I am already doing here is OK and readers feed that back to me or it may be readers have some other suggestions. Whichever way I will just say watch this space!

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