Monday, 15 November 2010

It's over!

As the late great Roy Orbison said it is indeed over for another six months - all the work is marked, the feedback sheets have gone back to church house and all but two of the students will be very pleased in the next couple of weeks.

I really do not like having to fail anyone as I am still near enough to to the Faith and Worship Course (having only finished in 1990) to appreciate how much hard work goes into the assignments and the study.

It seems to me both from marking and from what I read on the Facebook group for local preachers in training that the biggest difficulty for most students are the exegesis passages. On each occasion I have had to fail anyone it has been on their exegesis passage, and while I realise they are not the easiest thing to complete there is plenty of help available in the tutors handbook on the way to complete them successfully.

I suppose the really important thing is that the exegesis process is a really useful tool for preachers and some of the work I have seen in the exegesis that have been submitted would certainly form the basis of very good sermons.

I am greatly encouraged by the work that I have seen and believe it bodes well for the future of Local Preaching.


Richard Hall said...

As an LP tutor, the only time I had a student fail was on an exegesis that I hadn't looked over because they were submitting at the last minute. You're right that students seem to struggle with this aspect of the course.

PamBG said...

I'm glad that you're encouraged by the future of Local Preaching. I hope that prospective Local Preachers get the help they need on the exegesis; good preaching needs good exegesis.

Fat Prophet said...

I have written fairly comprehensive comments for both of them and tried to be very positive while at the same time trying to guide them to doing better.
I do wonder whether the local tutors always understand exegesis.