Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Connexional Assessment

Well today was the day that Methodist Local Preachers in training have to submit their assignments to Church House for marking. I am expecting a parcel in the next few days with another batch of section 'B' of the Faith and Worship course.
I have been marking for a while now and always find it an interesting experience and always feel that there is a good future for the Methodist Church in respect of its preachers who are in training at the present time.
I have seen some quite excellent work and some extremely interesting services that have been prepared and used by some of the preachers. I often say I wish I had been present in the services and this is very true as there is such a breadth of material.
I would like to wish all those who have submitted every success and ask that those of my readers who are Methodists pray for the students as they wait anxiously to see how they have done.


PamBG said...

And thank you for your ministry in marking those papers.

Gerry said...

Why only Methodists prayers fat Prophet?
As a Bapist I will pray for any christian brother or sister that
they find love, faith, and wisdom in their ministry, Gerry