Friday, 16 July 2010



As many of my readers will know in Methodism we have various committee type meetings where usually the business of running the church is the main topic on the agenda. Last night at our Circuit Meeting we had a presentation that after we had watched it the Superintendent said if he had realised the content of the presentation was very disturbing he would have written to people to warn them. I think that would have been a bad move given the topic and content of the presentation.

We were considering what I can only describe as a barbaric activity called female genital mutilation. I found it hard to believe that this went on but the facts are there and what is even more disturbing is despite the illegality of this practice there are large numbers of girls in this country who are sent back to there ancestral home to have this dreadful procedure carried out.

I really do think this is a topic that needs a much higher profile and would urge readers to have a look at the World Health Organisation's website for further information. I would like to urge those other bloggers who read this blog to consider putting something on their blogs about this topic.

I make no apology for posting on this particular topic as I was absolutely appalled to learn that such barbaric practices take place usually on girls between the ages of 4 and 14.


David said...

FP I will do something on this. Probably in a few days time because I've been saying a lot recently. Its a disturbing issue and one that really does bring our culture into clash with others, but like sutti and slavery we must not compromise.

PamBG said...

When I was studying International Affairs back in the early 1980s, many individuals believed that this activity was a cultural prerogative that Westerners should not interfere with.

Thanks for drawing it to folks' attention.