Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Complaint received!

I have received a complaint via my son from one of my readers who has expressed their disappointment at the lack of posts on this blog.
There is no single reason for this and it is probably a combinations of things that has led to the lack of posts.
We have been undergoing a re-shaping at work and this has meant I have been quite busy at work as I prepared to move into a new team at a different office and some days I have felt quite drained - this is my second week in the new location and it has really been in some senses like starting a new job. The experts reckon there are a number of stages in team building -forming;storming;norming and performing and I reckon there is a little way to go yet.
Away from work I have also been busy with activities at my own church and preaching engagements at others - on Sunday last I had three appointments and each one needed a different approach and in fact a different sermon.
I am also trying to write my second book 'Neither use nor ornament' due to the success of the first book (over 100 copies sold) which I never really intended to sell.
In addition to all this I made contact with a cousin I haven't seen for almost forty years through a colleague at work who is on facebook and I have been exchanging some emails with her and doing some catching up.
I suppose one of the biggest issues which I think I have hinted at before is that blogging can be quite a lonely business - I know how many people look at the blog but some I believe arrive by accident and stay a matter of seconds while others arrive and stay for some time but I think that sometimes it might be good to get the odd comment from visitors. I do note that some other blogs which are more controversial than mine generate a number of comments - perhaps that is a tack I should take.
I have I think also said before that sometimes there is an issue I think about blogging on but when I actually get five minutes to sit down and do it there are a number of other bloggers who have covered the topic and I feel there is no point in covering the same ground over and over.
Anyway I will try to do better in the next few weeks - if only to keep the complainant happy.


Gerry said...

Glad to hear that Fat Prophet,
Your verse for the day starts me of
every morning and has helped me through a sad time. Gerry

Fat Prophet said...

Hi Gerry,good to hear from you again - I did think you might have stopped looking at my blog when Bob died - hope you continue to find something of interest here.

David said...

Good to see more of you FP, but I know what you mean about other things. I blog in fits and starts.