Wednesday, 2 June 2010

London calling!

yes folks London is calling me - I think it would be true to say I have only been to London three times in my whole 55 years (56 on the 20th - hint hint) and I will be going twice in a week.
My first visit will be on Saturday when I go to Methodist Church House for the District Local Preachers Officers meeting (at least I think that's what is is called). It will be quite interesting to visit headquarters so to speak.
My second visit is next Wednesday to the Cumberland Hotel near Hyde Park where I am attending a Housing Quality Network seminar on complaints handling. I had a look at the hotel on the internet today and it looks amazing.
the one thing I can';t work out is the difference in train fares - on Saturday it is £19-50 and next Wednesday it is £140. I know I am not doing quite the same journey but it must be a very similar distance


PamBG said...

Having lived in London for 17 years and tried to get elsewhere, first of all, a lot depends when you book your tickets and what's available.

My guess is that the Saturday fare is promoting day trips to London (I presume from Birmingham?) whilst the Wednesday fare probably reflects the idea that people will be going down to London and back for the day and their companies will be paying. I'm fairly certain you could have got a cheaper ticket if you were prepared to leave London at around 20:00 or 21:00.

But all that is a stab in the dark. When I travelled from London to Manchester to attend Luther King House, tickets were significantly more expensive when Manchester United were playing a London team in either city. (And I just loved being on the train with footballer fans and their beer!)

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David said...

Try going through marlebone, either through Snow Hill or Tame Bridge. That should bring the price down