Wednesday, 5 May 2010

It's nearly over - thank goodness.

I declared this an election free space at the beginning of the campaign and I have to say I am very bored with the whole business but more that that I am very dissappointed.
I have noted that some of the activists on other blogs have been out knocking doors and canvassing for their respective parties but I have not had a single person knock my door. I know they have been in the street and I have been at home but they only seem to be targetting certain doors - I wonder are they only rallying the faithful? Well its too late now and I shall be off tomorrow evening to cast my vote along with the family. My only wish is that there were a candidate rom the raving loony monster party becasue they would certainly get my vote due to the apathy of the other parties canvassing machine. I hope they ask me for my number outside the polling station they won't get it but I might ask them why they are suddenly so interested in me!!


Gerry said...

Hi Fat prophet.
I have been asked by Pat to let people know that their is to be a
celebration of the life of
Bob Tidmarsh on Thursday the 13th
May at St. Bernards church, Broome
Ave. B43 5AL
Would you be so kind as to put it
on your Blog.
Thank you Gerry

Fat Prophet said...

I will Gerry but you haven't put a time!!