Thursday, 29 April 2010

Vestry Prayer Easter 5 year C

Heavenly Father as we gather today let us remember that we are still in the season of Easter, and that we are an Easter people and Hallelujah is our song.
Help us to bring our Hallelujahs today in our worship and remind us Lord of your love for us and how we should love one another as you have loved us.
Grant a blessing to our brother/sister as they lead us in worship today and may it be that we will all hear you speak to us through the singing of the hymns, the prayers, the reading from your word and the preaching of the word.
Grant all these things we ask in the name of your son our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen

My apologies to regular visitors I did not post a prayer for last week - I thought I had gone to the end of April when I posted a few weeks ago. Thanks to one of my readers who emailed me and asked what had happened.

Normal service should now be resumed.

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Gerry said...

prayers please for the family of
Bob the black country brummie,
as he past peacefully away at9.15 last night. Gerry