Thursday, 1 April 2010

Busy time ahead

Yesterday was the closing date for spring submissions for assessment on the Faith and Worship Course. This means that some time next week I will be receiving a parcel with a number of students work and will then be busy marking for a at least a couple of weeks if not longer.
I intend to post vestry prayers as these do seem to be an item that readers find useful and just the other day I was taking a service at one of our churches and a lady told me she had been on here following a conversation with our superintendent who had told her about it (Thanks John). She said she thought the vestry prayers were a good idea and I said they seemed to be attracting quite a few visitors and some comments from people who have felt them helpful.
I may post prayers for the next four weeks during the Easter break from work or I may just write them ready and post each week. I suppose I should just say watch this space!

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