Friday, 8 January 2010

Vestry Prayer Sunday after Epiphany Year C

Lord of the years we thank you for a new year, for the opportunity to make a new start and to re-commit our lives and ourselves to you. As we gather today to bring our worship to you and consider the beginning of your ministry, may it be that we will be enthused by those events and reminded of the words of your Father.
We ask that you would be with our brother/sister as they lead us in worship and bring your word, bless their ministry to us today and may it be that as Charles Wesley wrote we would be 'moved by thee'.
We bring our prayers in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Honda Lady said...

Thank you for the vestry prayer, posted Friday.
Last year I bought and used your book Vestry Prayers for year 'B', which I found a helpful guide, as a new steward.
Every blessing for the New Year.

Fat Prophet said...

Thanks very much for your comment - I know that a few people visit them each week so it is good to hear that you find them helpful and thanks for buying the book - it is used greatly in my home circuit and I am always quite amazed when I hear the prayers read out loud at how well they often catch the feeling of the day so well.
I wish you every blessing for this year and look forward to you being a regular visitor.