Sunday, 10 January 2010

Great time today.

I went to preach at Pheasey Evangelical Church this morning and had a great time - the service leaned towards the Pentecostal Church style with the breaking of bread and the preaching of the word. The service did not seem to be structured in any way and no one knew what I was intending to preach on and yet everything seemed to fit together remarkably well.
I was asked if I could play the piano when I arrived and very willingly did so as they have a very nice baby grand piano at this church but no one to play it. There were two other musicians there, a guitarist who I was aware of and a saxophonist who I wasn't because they were sitting at the back. Both of them played very well and I was surprised to find that the saxophonist had played by ear and made a very good job of it given that the one hymn was in a very difficult key.

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