Thursday, 3 December 2009

Christmas carols what's yours?

There is an interesting thread going on over at facebook in respect of favourite carols as one of our on note local preachers has asked people what their favourite carols are as she might us them in a service she is involved in.
The question has taken us to discuss the merits of the two better known tunes for O Little Town of Bethlehem which are the original tune St Louis used more in the USA and Forest Green used more in Britain. Personally I prefer the original tune and might be tempted to use that in one of the three carol events I am planning. I also am very tempted to sing While Shepherds watched to the tune of On Ilkley Moor Bah Tat instead of the insipid Winchester New it is usually sung to or of course for purists you could sing it to Lyngham (O for a thousand tongues).

Any way here's a question for you dear reader - What's your favourite carol??


Richard Hall said...

Can I have more than one?

Best 'most unsung': Let earth and heaven combine

Best 'widely known': Hark! The herald angels sing

Best 'folkie carol': The angel Gabriel from heaven came

Most moving at a midnight service: Born in the night

I'd better leave it there: more would be greedy!

Rev Tony B said...

Forest Green is Vaughan Williams - how can you not like it?!

The 'Ilkley Moor' tune was in fact originally written for While Shepherds Watched; it was called Cranbrook, and was written by Thomas Clark in 1805. As a Geordie, I do enjoy telling Yorkshire folk that their national anthem was written by a southerner!

Favourite carol? Depends on the mood - usually "Angels from the Realms of Glory" 'cos it's a great sing!

Fat Prophet said...

Hi Tony,
I don't dislike the tune Forest Green it's just that sometimes I think a different tune can make us think more about the words and I do actually like both.
I knew that Ilkley Moor was called Cranford and used it in a carol service last week to great appreciation from those present. On Sunday at our circuit carol service we had Lyngham for While Shepherds.
I like Angels from the Realms of Glory as well and agree it is a good sing.

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