Monday, 19 October 2009

Preacher and Prophet meet!

Well it's happened the Preacher and the Prophet have met and both lived to tell the tale.
I had to go into Birmingham on Saturday to take my wife to Symphony Hall where she was singing in Prom Praise and as Methodist Preacher had very kindly expressed a wish to purchase a copy of my new book (A Bang or a Whimper) I thought I could deliver it rather than post it to him. It only meant a very slight detour on my homeward journey and took me past City Road Methodist Church where I saw the poster about Jesus caring for Rotton Park.
I arrived near the Preacher's house and saw this man walking down the road who I thought was him so stopped the car and got out and said questioningly 'David' to which his response was 'Fat Prophet'followed by a query about what I was doing there and an invitation to come and have a cup of tea. I explained I had come to deliver the book as I was not far away taking my wife.
I spent a very pleasant hour chatting about a range of things and hearing some of the exciting activities that are going on at City Road in an attempt to bring in some new people. I wish them well in their endeavours.
I have left a copy of my book with David and now eagerly await the review on his blog.


Methodist Preacher said...

Ian it was good to meet you on Saturday. Your readers should know that you are marginally slimmer in real life that in your profile picture.

The review has just appeared:

Hope you sell a lot of copies. It makes an enjoyable read!

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Hi FP after reading the Preachers review I must have read myself. How can I get a copy?