Thursday, 13 August 2009

Where have all the bloggers gone?

I was sitting here looking at the blogs I regularly read and noticed an absence of posts on many of them - at least me and Bob the Black Country Brummie have been posting but he looks like he might not be for a few days so it may be down to me to keep something going.
I am hoping that when the Methodist Recorder comes today there might be some juicy controversial story I can comment on - I had thought of commenting last week on the silliness that had gone on in respect of the communion service in Trafalgar Square and the clunking fist of Methodism as the Recorder referred to it, but never got round to it and others did so I kept away from it.
I would say though the story has made me think a bit during this week about whether we are more interested in rules and regulations than we are in mission and is this part of the demise of many of our churches - surely Christ came to set us free and yet we have a 'rule book' with hundreds of rules in. Isn't the reality that there are ten or possibly twelve rules that we should follow if we work on the Ten Commandments and the new commandments that Jesus gave us that we love one another and our neighbours as ourselves?
Now there's an interesting concept!!!

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