Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Vestry Prayer Ordinary 15 Year B

Ordinary 15.
Readings: Mark 6 v 14-29; Psalm 24;
Eph 1 v 3-14; 2 Sam 6 v 1-5 + 12b-19.

God of peace, the peace that passes all understanding be in our time of fellowship today.
May your peace flow like a river into our souls and help us to worship and praise you, making way for the king of kings to appear to us in splendour.
Bless each one gathered here today and your servant N as they bring you word to us. May it be a word that speaks to us, encourages us, strengthens us and calms us.
Grant all this in Jesus’ name we ask. Amen.


Lizpreach said...

Hi Fat Prophet. I just popped in to say I'm not a dyed in the wool Methodist either. I used to be a Baptist. But I owe a lot to Methodists because they took me into their care when lots of people didn't want to know me.

Fat Prophet said...

Welcome Liz, good to have you on board.