Sunday, 19 July 2009

I don't believe it!!

There I was sitting in the barber's yesterday morning glancing through the Daily Mail while I waited (it was there paper by the way) when I saw the article that police officers have been allowed, apparently with home office backing a pagan police association. I could not believe what I was reading but then later on Richard Littlejohn takes up the same story.
If you want to read the news item it is here and you can read Richard Littlejohns comments too.
I just wonder if we have gone totally mad in this country or is this just another sign of the ends times?


PamBG said...

I can just imagine what another blogger is going to say, but, as an American, I totally don't get the idea of expecting secular society to favour Christianity and to discriminate against other religions.

There is a Christian policeman's society, so why not Jewish policemen, Muslim Policemen and Pagan Policemen?

Methodist Preacher said...

There is a Christian police officer's association. Though I'd like to know exactly what sort of "paganism" these police officers are promoting. Some of it is pretty unsavoury