Monday, 2 March 2009

Whats all the fuss?

I am beginning to think I am missing something, as I fail to understand the great interest being expressed by the media and others in relation to Jade Goody and her current medical situation.
While I have every sympathy with the fact that she is terminally ill I am conscious that there are many other people in a similar position who get on with life in a very quite unassuming way and do not parade themselves and their illness in front of the world.
I suppose too that I have never rated her as a celebrity and can not see how her appearances on Big brother have given her or any of the other people appearing on this type of show a celebrity status. It must be some of the worst television programming around and is I believe to some degree a measure of the dreadful state that society is in these days.
Not sure if anyone will comment on this but perhaps there may be a reader who can give me a clue to why people are so interested and why the press are giving it so much coverage.


Anonymous said...

I have the greatest sympathy for her, too. But I can't get over is that she went from maligned racist to media darling. It's amazing our fickle our culture is.

Methodist Preacher said...

No Will, not a fickle culture - she has a great PR operator who will milk it for all its worth to provide for her children.

But I take The Prophet's point - a lot of people go through this and their pain and suffering is hardly noticed except by those very close to them.

I think we should pray that in the coming days Jade Goody and all those facing death meet someone who will tell them the simple facts about Jesus.

PamBG said...

I certainly feel for her as an individual in her situation facing death but I've never been one to get excited about 'celebrities' - not even 'real' celebrities with genuine talent in one field or another.

I think that Jade is certainly the embodiment of 'the Spirit of the times'. One of which is The Importance of Being Famous. In such a mindset even being famous for being famous is regarded as better than not being famous at all.

Every individual is precious to God. Even those who pursue celebrity and are now dying. And even those who are dying who never lived their lives in the spotlight.

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