Tuesday, 3 March 2009


I note that there are a number of places where global warming and climate change and the recession are being discussed , but I am surprised and a little disappointed that no one has made mention of Fair Trade Fortnight.
We are just past the middle of Fair trade Fortnight and there is some really interesting stuff over on the Fair Trade website.
I was quite interested to see Big Circumstance (Dave Faulkner) has a link to a company who supply Fair Trade ministerial shirts.


Richard Hall said...

Strangely, I just felt the same disappointment in myself and I'd just knocked out a quick post before coming over here. Will you be 'going bananas' on Saturday?

Fat Prophet said...

Probably not be going bananas in the sense you mean - but my wife and I are catering for an event for 70 people organised by Gospel Ministries Trust and I will be playing at their evening praise event.

Richard Hall said...

Perhaps you'll take some FT bananas?!