Thursday, 26 February 2009

What next?

It's an interesting question I pose as much for myself as anyone else. I suddenly realised that it has been two weeks since I posted anything here and while I could argue there are good reasons for that I am pondering the future of this blog and what direction in might or might not take.
I often see a topic I think I will blog about but then I am usually beaten to it by other bloggers and often they address the topic far more eloquently than I do. I will often add comments to another blog rather than write something here and appear to be jumping on someone else's bandwagon.
Unlike some of my fellow bloggers I don't really seem to do anything exciting like go off on sabbaticals and visit interesting colleges and libraries - anything I do is usually related to housing and I am not sure those folk who drop by here would really want to read about that topic - although I am going to a seminar on Monday called 'Mapping the Maze' which has been organised by the Chartered Institute of Housing and will be looking at how we should deal with complaints - you never know it might be exciting and I will feel led to share that with readers.
Must go now as I have to get ready to go to work, who knows something exciting may happen there and I will post sooner than two weeks time.

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Richard Hall said...

Picking up a topic that others have also written about isn't 'jumping on someone else's bandwagon': it's the essence of blogging! If something is interesting o you, give us your take on it. That's what we want.

Housing must raise all sorts of issues that others would be interested in. Niche blogging is all the rage these days. Could housing be your niche?