Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Grumpy Old man

Well perhaps not so much of the old but certainly grumpy. I think I have been in Victor Meldrew mode quite a bit this week and I have to say that most of it is related to the weather and associated things.
On Monday I was up and out at 6-15a.m. when the snow was what I call pizza snow (See Good King Wenceslas for explanation), and it was great because there were very few drivers on the roads and I was able to take my wife to work without any difficulty.
At 7-45a.m. I left home to go to work (30 mins earlier than usual to allow for the poor conditions) and this is when the grumpiness kicked in. First gripe was idiotic drivers who do not put their lights on when it is still fairly dark and snowing fairly hard. Second gripe is idiotic drivers who turn their lights on but haven't moved the snow off them which of course makes them fairly useless. Third gripe idiotic drivers who clear a six inch square on their windscreen and nothing else. Fourth gripe the person I travelled behind for two miles at 5 miles per hour on roads that had been well gritted and could have been driven on safely at 20 mph. Fifth Gripe school closures ( I know it's all about fear of litigation whatever the educationalists say) our schools never closed when I was a kid - if it snowed we went to school no matter how deep it was, if the heating was broke we kept our coats on. And my sixth gripe was this evening when I went to my local supermarket because we really did need a loaf of bread to find that the shelves were virtually empty and all because it MIGHT snow tonight. I Don't believe it!!!!!! (we did get a loaf but only just)
Ooh I feel much better now I have got all that lot out.

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Methodist Preacher said...

My goodness, thats two of us. I think the snow makes us all a bit grumpy after a certain age.