Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Worried about Methodism

I am quite concerned about Methodism - is it dying? Has it already died? Is nothing happening to cause controversy?
You may be asking why I am putting these questions forward and the answer is quite simple - we have gone 15 days without any comments from 'Methodism's most controversial commentator'. I find this a little worrying unless of course it is to do with the time of the year and the onset of seasonal affective disorder.
Perhaps this post might draw out a response or even a post over at Methodist Preacher!

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Methodist Preacher said...

Thanks FP. I picked up your comments when I went to my own blog for the first time in ages. Things have been really hectic lately but I'm hoping a change to a less stressed environment is just around the corner.

You may see my item on Cafe Worship that I posted today. I resisted the temptation to menetion that in Walsall say "cafe" and they's be turning up expected double egg and chips.

Still it is nice to be missed.