Friday, 2 January 2009

New year, new plans?

I have noticed one or two of my fellow bloggers have written about their thoughts for 2009 (Methodist Preacher) and their plans (Big Circumstance) and in one case a list of events that are taking place for the whole of this year (Olive at Octomusings.
I had found these posts quite interesting and it set me to thinking what I might do this year other than the normal things I do, preaching, playing the organ, working etc.
One project I hope to complete quite early on this year is the book I have been writing for around two years now about the memories of my childhood in the 50's and 60's with a little bit of overlap into the 70's. I am told that I have done a number of things wrong with writing this book because I did not set any targets at the beginning so the project never seems to get finished and there is no urgency about it. Well the reality is there was never any urgency about it any way and as I have written and shared odd chapters with others the book has grown. It is also true that when writing this type of work there are lots of occasions when something that is said in a conversation will spark a revision of an existing chapter or even a new chapter completely. I have spent a lot of time editing previously written chapters.
The other project I am considering is a second book of Vestry Prayers which would be for Year 'C' which of course begins on 29th November 2009. One or two people have approached me about this and said I should try to get a wider readership, perhaps even advertising it at the Spring Synod with the promise of being available to purchase at the Autumn Synod. I quite like the idea of this and the discipline of having to look at all the readings to enable writing to be appropriate is quite good from a Continuing Local Preacher Development perspective. It goes without saying that I would need to set some very definite targets for this project if I were to ensure it was written and published in time.
In respect of looking forward to the year ahead I pray that 2009 will be a peaceful year in many respects and that we would see a cessation of the many conflicts which are going on around the world and for an increased interest in things spiritual, with a particular leaning to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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