Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Lights, camera, action!

Well not quite all three but I have noticed that there are a few more lights starting to spring up on houses and while I know some readers will complain about the waste of valuable resources, I have to say a I like to see them.
I live in a town where for many years there has been a light show in the biggest park in the town and this year they have recorded one of their worst attendances in the history of the event, this means the event is in jeopardy for next year. I went this year and was extremely disappointed with the displays, they all looked tired and jaded and even the laser show which has been a highlight in previous years was in my opinion very poor. the other factor I believe in the poor attendance was the continually increasing cost - in the past we went as a family twice, once near the beginning and once near the end but as the cost has risen we have now reduced to once.
When we came out I said to my wife that for me there had been nothing with a 'wow' factor.
I have already seem some Christmas lights on a house that have that wow factor that was missing at the illuminations in Walsall this year. I think that this is what is missing from Christmas as a whole the wow factor has gone as Christmas has become more and more commercialised and society has become better off. I am sure the new penny that was in my stocking each year when I was little made me make an exclamation such as wow. I wonder is that the experience of the shepherds and the wise men at that first Christmas in that little town called Bethlehem - better watch out I feel my Christmas Day sermon coming on.

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