Tuesday, 16 December 2008

I believe and am Father Christmas!!!

My friend Methodist Preacher has a post on his blog asking whether British Methodist bloggers believe in Father Christmas and suggesting who might or might not.
He suggests that I believe in and have probably been asked to be him (Father Christmas) and he is absolutely right. I have played father Christmas on at least two or three occasions a year for around the twenty years until two years ago when nobody asked me.
It did make me realise thought that the last five years I had done this I had developed laryngitis each year around Christmas and I couldn't understand why. Two years ago I did not develop any problems and I wondered if it was something in the beard I used to wear that caused it. I tried the beard a couple of times last year and developed a tickly cough so although I enjoyed being the jolly red giant I decided it was probably best to retire from the job.
If you go over to Methodist Preacher's blog you can vote on whether you believe or not but be warned you might not get any presents for Christmas if you vote no. I voted YES to edge my bets (I am hoping for an electric shaver this year).

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PamBG said...

I know that Father Christmas is showing up at the Christmas Day Dinner that we give for people in the community who are on their own on Christmas Day. So I certainly believe in Father Christmas. :-)