Friday, 14 November 2008

In Trouble!

Well folks sorry I haven't posted anything since yesterday morning but I seem to have upset dh over on Connexions (Armistice Day) and have been attempting to 1) work out how generalised comments I made have been taken very personally 2) how they have been deemed to be offensive and 3)to respond with great care so as not to say anything that can be misconstrued or taken as offensive.
Unfortunately a response I spent 40 minutes or so writing last night fell victim of a technical problem that Connexions are having with some posts.
I will be spending some time today writing a further extremely measured response so blogging may not happen until the weekend


Richard Hall said...

FP, I'm sorry that you have been a victim of my technical hitches. I'm trying to sort out the problem, but I admit to being very perplexed.

Don't take your spat with DH too seriously. Really.

Methodist Preacher said...

They do get a bit upset over at Connexions. Don't take it personally.