Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Vestry Prayers Coming Soon!

Those of you who know anything about the Revised Common Lectionary will know that we are currently in Year 'A' and that Year 'B' will begin on the first Sunday in Advent this year.
I wrote a years worth of prayers for year 'B' in 2004 and I printed sufficient copies at the time for all of the churches in our circuit to have a copy as well as all my local preacher colleagues - I am quite encouraged to hear from other preachers and to observe personally when taking services that this book is used quite often by the stewards in our churches.
In view of this I have considered for some time making this book more widely available and I have decided to publish it in a more commercial fashion than photocopying. I have sent the text to a publisher and I am waiting for the draft copy to come back so I can check the quality of the product before I place a bigger order.
I anticipate the selling price for this book being £4-99 unless I can order sufficient quantity to reduce the production cost and then post and packing would be extra and at this point I can not say what that would be but once I get a copy I will post it to myself to enable me to work out the cost.
I am hoping to get the draft copy in the next few days so will give an update on cost etc. as soon as I can. If you might be interested in purchasing a copy of this book then please let me know (there is no obligation) as I want to get an idea of how viable this would be - I already know five or six people who would like a copy.

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Steven Jones said...


What's the possibility of making the book available on your blog as a PDF download (either directly from your blog or via a third party such as Amazon, so you can still get paid)? For those of us down here in sunny South Africa, the issue is not the GBP4.99 that you propose charging (which even at our weakened exchange rate is still fairly reasonable), but that the postage costs would end up being more than the cost of the book (not to mention our dear Post Office which has more than it's fair share of "sticky fingers" among its ranks).