Saturday, 2 August 2008

Back now!

Hi folks,haven't been around for the last week as I have been in Borth with the beach mission team. We have had a very good week, met some great children and made a few new contacts in respect of parents. The team have worked very hard during the week and sometimes people ask me why I do it - two weeks ago today that was exactly the question I was asking myself but when you see the enjoyment the children get from the week and the number who keep coming back each year it is very encouraging.
My wife and I went to the Salvation Army in Aberystwyth last Sunday morning and the Captain asked if we were on holiday and we said we were at the beach mission in Borth and he asked me to give a word of testimony during the service. In the afternoon we went to the Welsh Chapel in Borth where the majority of the service was in Welsh - one hymn was What a friend we have in Jesus which we sang in English and they sang in Welsh and I think we won. At the end of the service the hymn was Abide with me and the Welsh version had 6 verse while the English version had 5 (we sang the last verse in Welsh or tried anyway),
Yesterday was carnival day and as is usual in Borth there were some very good floats and some interesting fancy dress outfits.
We rounded off the week with a presentation and praise time and all went off to McDonald's for supper!

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Doorman-Priest said...

Glad you had a good time.