Sunday, 22 June 2008

Vestry prayer ordinary 12, proper7

Sorry this is really late but again it has been one of those weeks where you wonder which of the many jobs on hand you should tackle next. I have also had a little difficulty with blogger this week - tried to post something in the week and it would not work.

Here is this weeks vestry prayer - hope it is in time for any who use them and that they are useful to some folk.

Loving Lord by whom all things that were created live and breath we bring our praise and adoration to you today, thankful for your love to each one of us, and conscious that our mission today remains to go into all the world with your love and your word.
As we come together today in worship we pray that through the words of our brother/sister you would feed your lambs, that you would lead us by the still calm waters and restore our souls. We ask your blessing on the time of worship and claim the promise that where two or three or gathered you would be in the midst. May this be our experience today and may we go from here rejoicing because we have met with the living, loving God.
We ask these things in and through the name of Jesus. Amen

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