Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!

I was reading something yesterday about supermarkets preparing to do away with their free carriers and part of me says great - If only I could remember to take the shopping bags with me when I go shopping - and it got me thinking about recycling.
I do think this is an important thing that we should really all be doing our best to do without the need for the government to fit spy cameras in our bins and make households appoint a 'responsible person' to look after the household waste (and I presume stand guard over the bin 24/7 to make sure nobody else puts their rubbish in your bin).
The thing that gets me is the apparent lack of commitment at times by the local authorities to the actual collection of recyclable items. In our area we have recycling bins but can only put newspapers, glass and cans into the bin - they have to be put in in a particular way or the jobsworths on the round will not take the box away. The other week I put my box out with some papers, some bottles and some cans in and it didn't get taken. The next day at work I met a man who works on the local authority section that deals with this so I asked him why my box might not have been taken - his response was to ask if I had packed it properly. I explained the set up in the box as best I could remember and he told that the problem was with how I had filled it. He suggested I look at the councils website where there are instructions on how to pack your box correctly - my mistake was I had not stood the cans up in the box!On a previous occasion I had put my box out and put the cans in a carrier on the top of the box - didn't get taken again and when I asked the chap about this he said everything has to be in the box loose so the operatives can see if there is anything that might injure them - I did say wasn't there a risk in emptying the box when items were loose and he said no because they can clearly see what is there - by now I am losing the will to live let alone recycle.
He then went on to tell me we will be having new bins soon where everything will just go into the one bin and will be sorted back at the depot - seems counter productive to me but hey what do I know.
I just hope the new bins will be able to take plastic bottles and card as we alwasy seem to have a lot of these each month to dispose of and I am sure that both are recyclable.
Anyway time I was getting ready for work and thanks to the Bishop of Stafford for starting me off.

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Doorman-Priest said...

I agree. There are things that we can recycle but they don't meet the very strict definitions.

Plastic is plastic .

Isn't it?