Monday, 5 May 2008

Walsall Plan March to May

Please click on image to enlarge!

This is a test post to see if I can do this - if this works I will later post the plan for June to August.


Richard Hall said...

6 appointments! I suspect you're popular with your Super!

Methodist Preacher said...

Now I know where to find you!

Couple of points:

I found I had to get two copies of the plan - one to circle for personal use and one to scan, I didn't do it in the right order!

To make it searchable I listed all the circuit churches underneath on one occasion - this has got churches individual hits from search engines so this does provide a service.

Secondly I placed a link on my sidebar.

As you may see I have now created a section on my side bar headed "Methodist Midland Noticeboard" - I'd be happy to link to your circuit plan, all helping, I hope, to provide a critical mass of informatiion about Methodist activities in the region.

I have found that members find this a useful circuit resource with visitors coming specifically for the electronic plan, one colleague even clicks it on as a "favourite". It is a cheap and easy way to get the circuit plan online.

Fat Prophet said...

Thanks for the comments folks - it is amazing that we all seem to be blogging on a bank holiday - perhaps the weather has something to do with it. I have just marked twelve Local Preachers assignments so thought I would take a break and see what might be going on here.
Richard if you check the plan closely you will see that I do not take service on the first or third Sundays of the month as I play the organ at my home church on those dates. I tend to feel a little concerned that I can not always do what might be needed so always offer to do as many as I am needed to do on Sunday when I am available. This was a quiet quarter as I often have 8 appointments.
MP this was the only copy of the current plan I had to hand so I used it to try the process - the next quarters plan will go on unmarked and I will try list all the churches as you suggest.
In respect of linking to it please feel free and to any other item of interest you might find on my blog or our church website.
I am going to suggest that our circuit webmaster could put a copy of the plan on our circuit website as a useful tool for those who have internet access in the circuit.
MP I met one of your ministers on Saturday - never got the name but she is from Akrill Church and had come to look at our church - it was coffee morning so I was there most of the morning.