Sunday, 25 May 2008

Depressed?? Don't be!!

I was out preaching with my on note preacher this morning so obviously was not at my home church. I have just received an email from our church treasurer with some comments and the weekly notices attached and I really felt I would like to share the comments with a wider audience - it really does say something that I think is quite encouraging. Just by explanation Barry had a minor operation in the week which involved him staying in hospital overnight. Richard is very ill. Gill, Otto and Max are former members at Pleck who moved to Oxford, Otto and Gill are both doctors.

Hello one and all.

Thank you for your prayer, phone calls and good wishes following my brief experience of hospital food.
Scars and stones are on view: 10p a time - proceeds to Christian Aid.

Please continue to pray for Zimbabwe.
Pray also for Richard and Lee, getting married next week (should have been August) so that they can share a few precious days (perhaps weeks) together. Miracles still happen, prayer is powerful and Pleck's prayers work!

We went to Oxford yesterday and met up with Gill and Max. Otto was on call, we visited him at the hospital and managed 17 and a half minutes of quality time with him - his bleeper went 5 times in the 25 minutes.we were with him.
They send their love to all at Pleck and hope to be up before Christmas.

As you see from the notices, we were £19 short of last year's Christian Aid total as we went to press, then Margaret Catton arrived at church this morning with an envelope from a resident in Mulhouse Court containing £20, so we've broken last year's total and as we have been promised another donation of £50 from someone else, I'm going to try for a World record for Pleck. £70 more will do it!

A girl (young lady), from down the road arrived this morning, she's doing a sponsored walk for a bowel cancer charity tomorrow and was looking for sponsors. She went away with £30, a smile on her face and a promise to come back next week to let us know how she got on.
I find the people of PMC amazing. We've raised all that for Christian Aid, more than expected for Rwanda, loads of stuff for the Glebe and then £30 for a stranger!

We truly are too blessed to be depressed.


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PamBG said...

Good stuff! :-) Thanks for sharing that with us.