Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Is there room on blogger for fat prophet and his equally well proportioned son?

After much playful ridicule over fat prophets delight at posting on blogger and his euphoria at receiving replies to said posts, son of the prophet earnestly proclaimed that "that sad old lark isn't for me!". The problem with making comments like that is that those are always the ones that seem to get turned on their head, and, low and behold, here I am posting my first post (and hoping my blogging lingo is up to speed!?).

I often sit downstairs in our family home, watching the five minutes of programming and fifty five minutes of adverts that sky schedulers seem to be able to squeeze into an hour, or reading the daily paper, when a gentle warble comes from the direction of the pc and I turn to find fat prophet quietly chuckling to himself. "What are you laughing at?" I ask, and of course the reply is normally "Someone replied to my blog" and off we go on a tour of the original post and all replies to it with a gleeful expression spreading not only over fat prophets face but slowly mine as well.

My point, other than to embaress fat prophet (As all good sons must), is that I find it wonderful that as Christians simply discussing topics, often really in a very brief way, and putting forward our opinions can serve to enlighten, uplift, affirm, challenge and even entertain others who read those blogs. Simple conversation can be such an important tool for any Christian to employ and the passing "How are you?" or "You look well!" can so often make such a big difference, never mind the more in depth examination that often goes on here!!

I come form a home where, whilst I was always brought up as a Christian, I was never spoon fed my religion. I was challenged to ask questions and to delve into subjects, to not take things on face value and to always seek for a deeper meaning to things. This continues to this day and my father and I will often sit and debate issues, often challenging each others views, just as we did today with the issue of father Charles.

I wont comment on what I feel about the issue as my views are very similar to those of fat prophet, what I will say though is that I'm glad that as Christians we can learn form each other, talk about some of life's most challenging questions, and still come out smiling and blessed from the experience. Oh how much better a place the world would be if everybody could do the same.


PamBG said...

Welcome to blogdom, Son of the Prophet.

Methodist Preacher said...

Welcome. You have set a precedent that Son of Methodist Preacher will now want to emulate.