Thursday, 21 February 2008

Am I bovvered?

Hope I don't get into trouble using this comment but it struck me when I was looking at the blogs I read fairly regularly and read a peice and six comments relating to George Washington and whether or not he was a Christian! I just wonder why people have written copiously on the point of what his status in relation to the kingdom of God might or might not have been.
If my memory of history lessons at school serves me right he must have been dead around 200 years so is it of any importance or interest to the majority of people.


Richard Hall said...

It doesn't have to be of importance to the majority of people. As long as someone finds it interesting!

Fat Prophet said...

Perhaps I should stop reading the blog this appeared on but then I would miss some of the really interesting stuff on there.
Seriously though I know it doesn't have to be interesting to everyone I was just really making the point that I am amazed at the depth of discussion about a topic such as this one, but hey whatever floats your boat.

PamBG said...

In my opinion, it's because there is still a good segment of American society that equates American patriotism with the Gospel.