Sunday, 27 January 2008

Asylum Seekers

I have just been reading some fascinating stuff on Methodist Preachers blog about the questions that Asylum Seekers are asked to answer to prove that their conversion to Christianity is real - one of them is to name the twelve disciples and I doubt if many experienced Christians could manage this one. I must ask the folk at the service tonight if they can answer this.
This article got me thinking about the test that foreign nationals have to take if they want to become British Citizens and that is equally difficult. There are 24 questions and you have to get 18 right to pass the test. Want to give it a try? Check this out
I failed so perhaps I should leave the country.

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Methodist Preacher said...

As I say on my blog - I took the test and got the following result:

Well, at least you're trying and you do know a thing or two about Great Britain, but I'm sorry to say that you didn't do that great.

In fact you haven't passed, so it's back onto the boat for you!